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Undercarriage Monitoring System

WearPro’s patented UCM system was born from a failed idler that didn’t get caught on a routine audit. This caused unscheduled down time and added expense to the mine. The engineers at WearPro developed a system to monitor rollers and idlers internally in real-time to help identify failing components in advance so service can be proactively scheduled during normal P.M. cycle and avoiding unscheduled downtime.

· Monitor internal temperature of rollers & idlers

· Monitor bushing wear on rollers and idlers

· Monitor in cab display, smart phone, desktop, or WearPro Operation center

· Receive email alerts when rollers go above temperature threshold.   (requires cellular service)

· Change rollers before complete failure and preserve core for rebuild

· Safely monitor temperature when tramming without the use of IR heat gun and without putting employees in harms way.

· Safety monitor temperatures without the use laser temperature gun   and without putting employee in harms way

· Change rollers before complete failure

· Extended warranty on WearPro components

· UCM exclusively designed to be used with the WearPro Undercarriage

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WearPro has established proprietary methods for rebuilding many of the common wear components used in mining today. To see how one of our many rebuild programs can help cut costs for your company please contact us today!

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