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The WearPro undercarriage rebuild program extends the life on components between new undercarriage change outs. WearPro specializes in hydraulic shovel undercarriage components including Cat O&K, Hitachi, Komatsu and Leibherr. WearPro has developed greaseable front idlers for all machines that take the idlers from a reactionary maintenance item to a preventable one. 

Rollers can be rebuilt back to OEM specifications and will work better when replacing them back into an existing undercarriage. No need to destroy a new roller when putting it into a worn undercarriage.

Drive sprockets can be rebuilt or rebanded to perform as well as new sprockets. You also have the option of making your used sprockets into an overpitched sprocket to extend the life of your track group.

WearPro's proprietary track pad rebuild process can rebuild worn track pads back to OEM specifications with a limited amount of heat effect to the track pads. The WearPro rebuilt track pads will perform as good as new.

WearPro offers on-site services to remove or replace undercarriage components. Want to know how WearPro can help with your undercarriage needs? Call us and we will set up a FREE audit and report on the performance of your undercarriage.



WearPro has established proprietary methods for rebuilding many of the common wear components used in mining today. To see how one of our many rebuild programs can help cut costs for your company please contact us today!

RH200 endcap-sensor.JPG



WearPro has developed a system for monitoring the internal components on the rollers and idlers for your shovel undercarriages. For more information on this system please visit our Undercarriage Monitoring System page.

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