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With more than 25 years of experience in the mining industry, Brad and Melissa Hawkins established WearPro to rebuild wear products for the mining industry. These rebuilds helped the customer achieve their fullest potential at the lowest cost.


WearPro quickly realized that their customers required more value and cost savings in many different areas of their business operations. WearPro then developed rebuild programs encompassing multiple areas of high usage products including dipper pins, drill pipes, buckets, blades and bit subs. With WearPro's vast experience in hydraulic and electric shovel undercarriages, it was only natural that we continued our journey into these product lines. As WearPro ventured into the undercarriage market it was obvious to us, through years of feedback from our customers, that something was lacking in the industry. With the input from our customers, WearPro has developed new and improved materials and designs for many of the undercarriage componets you use today, while still maintaining complete interchangeability with the OEM components.


The WearPro Difference

WearPro employs the latest technology with custom manufacturing processes to make the finest replacement parts available. We specialize in manufacturing new and rebuilt mining equipment including undercarriage and drilling components as well as rebuilt buckets and blades.

When dealing with customers, suppliers and fellow team members we will be honest, respectful, and have integrity.



WearPro has established proprietary methods for rebuilding many of the common wear components used in mining today. To see how one of our many rebuild programs can help cut costs for your company please contact us today!

RH200 endcap-sensor.JPG



WearPro has developed a system for monitoring the internal components on the rollers and idlers for your shovel undercarriages. For more information on this system please visit our Undercarriage Monitoring System page.

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