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WearPro proprietary overlay pins are designed for the toughest applications in the industry today. Our pins are designed to reduce the coefficient of friction between the pin and bushings. The WearPro overlay pin is between 50 and 57 RC and will work harden in the field. WearPro stocks most sizes of core material which reduces most lead times to under 2 weeks. WearPro has developed a proprietary process to rebuild used overlay pins. This process drastically lowers the cost of the pins, while still offering the same performance as new overlay pins. Heads and collars are replaced on every rebuilt pin.

Ask about the WearPro pin recycling program for your mine.



WearPro bushings are designed to provide the best performance for each application. WearPro has developed our manganese steel bushing to not only take impact but also abrasion wear which is common in large bucket shovels. Our vast experience in bushing applications will ensure you get the right bushing for the right application.

19P783D5C1 - Copy.JPG
EX5500 bushing kit.png



WearPro has established proprietary methods for rebuilding many of the common wear components used in mining today. To see how one of our many rebuild programs can help cut costs for your company please contact us today!

RH200 endcap-sensor.JPG



WearPro has developed a system for monitoring the internal components on the rollers and idlers for your shovel undercarriages. For more information on this system please visit our Undercarriage Monitoring System page.

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